HOPTUITS is the brainchild of Sandra, my mom. My whole life she’s been constantly learning, reading, taking on new hobbies and projects, new passions.
A few years ago, a local morning show featured a segment on crickets as food – something she hadn’t really given thought to before. She had to know more. Since then, she’s committed to bringing crickets to the mainstream as a food source. There was a problem in North America: we think bugs are gross. However, the benefits not only for our health but to the planet are immense. As a result, HOPTUITS were born.

Our treats are delicious, not scary. We test every recipe until it’s homey, familiar, and perfect. More than that, they’re good for you! When developing recipes, Sandra focuses on including things that are healthy – that means no refined sugar, no preservatives. All of our treats are small batch, as a result.

But who makes the treats? My mom, and HER mom, of course. Granny Pauline meticulously bakes tray after tray of bizdoggi and kitty crunchies. Sandra creates all the recipes and feeds them to her kids, taking tasting notes, texture notes, not settling for “okay”, and Granny puts them into practice – mixing and rolling, cutting each bizdoggi into shape (no industrial moulds here!).
Pauline also handles inventory – making sure we’re ready for markets around town. So far HOPTUITS have been to Turbo Haus in St-Henri, Angus Technopole for the Etsy MTL market, and you can often find us in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue for the weekly market. We’re always represented by family, there, too.

What about your fine narrator? I’m Sabrina, affectionately the Daughter-in-Chief at HOPTUITS HQ, and I handle all things Internet. I take the food pictures, I eat the food, I feed my three kitties the treats and provide feedback on new recipes. When I can, I update the Instagram and Facebook feeds, comment on your blog/vlog reviews and try to get YOUR feedback. I’ve been to the Markets, too! You may have seen my husband and I representing at Etsy MTL, or visiting the weekly stall.

One more thing? With every sale, we donate 30% of the profits to a local charity: People treats toward organizations like The Old Brewery Mission and Chez Doris Women’s Shelter, Pet treats to the SPCA and no-kill shelters in Montreal. We have also committed 50% of all profits from our handmade 100% silk & crystal embellished pet ties to a local charity for women in hardship.